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The World Owes Me Something - Daniel K - PsyOp - EXCERPT TWO

This excerpt is from an interview with Daniel K of PsyOp.

Download the album: https://psyopdc.bandcamp.com

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Lyrics - The World Owes Me Something

All our yesterdays like ashes

All our dreams in water washes

Away into the winding stream

Weaving winding byzantine

Straight to the sea of desire

Where dreams plot and where they conspire

Kill the living steal their flesh

To the land of nod and of death

The world owes me something x 4

But I don't know what it is x2

One day one day we all will die

We had a fountain but they stripped it dry

And I feel a ripple in time itself

Stop the travesty of souls to sell

Debt collectors armed to the teeth

Serve the papers and they kill the thief

Anthill skyline blocks the sun

Like a growing carcinogen


They won't rest until everything is commodified

Cheapened deadened surveilled and privatized

Prisoners of automated paralysis

Humanity consumed by the sheer force of our artifice

There's nowhere to hide in the desert of the real

We must tear down the walls of the city on the hill

The system zeroes in with it's omniscient eye

A hunter honing in on it's kill

At least the hippies had a reprieve from the churning gears

At least they could (indistinct) greed and fear

Now we are pawns of the atrociously wealthy

Our only reprieve xanax blackouts and fentanyl ODs


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