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Body.Electric. Is a Science Fiction Anthology Series by Patrick Hale - Artist Works

“You could basically do anything. And so I took that one step further and I was like, okay, let me make a movie on my own or at least get it as far as I can get it, without a huge production crew. And so, that's been a labor of love.”

Patrick Hale, Author, Director, and Producer of Body.Electric.

Body. Electric. is a genre-spanning anthology series that examines humanity's best and worst instincts as we explore the universe and discover, and create, new forms of intelligence.

Set in the distant future, Body. Electric. depicts the multi-generational fallout following the creation of the worldʻs first space elevator, an industrial supply pipeline, created by United Adams Corporation, to support exploration and mining off-world.

A world-weary detective ordered to retrieve an escaped synthetic humanoid must unravel a web of lies, and learn what it really means to be human, before it is too late.​

About Patrick Hale

Patrick Hale is an award-winning commercial and short film director based in Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC. He brings his love of world-building and innovative production design to help clients tell cinematic stories that connect with diverse audiences and move people to action.

Patrick is the lead filmmaker and producer behind Rooks Productions. Previously, he built and ran the in-house studio for American Councils for International Education, and held a number of roles at Discovery, Inc. and Discovery Studios.

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