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African Artist Intellectual Property with Foza Fawehinmi - Artist Works

“You are also competing with the guy that goes on TikTok and eats 10,000 pieces of meat and is a superstar. Right? So Superstardom is no longer exclusive to artists or filmmakers or actors. I really feel for the artists.”

Foza Fawehinmi, President, Digital Music Commerce and Exchange Limited

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Foza Fawehinmi is an award-winning lawyer and the President of Digital Music Commerce and Exchange Limited, an intellectual property valuation, management and administration company serving sub-Saharan Africa. Over the last 9 years, she has served as a legal advisory and business consultant for some of Africa’s most reputable entertainment companies and artists including, Chocolate City Music, Premier Records, Boomplay Music, Infinix Nigeria, K1 De Ultimate, Teni, Adekunle Gold, The Sarz Academy, Sarz and more.

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