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Daniel K of PsyOp Debut Album Howl from the Void - EML’s Artist Profiles

The debut EP of DC-based PsyOp brings you into the fractured mind of one Daniel K, a twisted prophet of rage who speaks of shifting dreamscapes and the unnameable terrors of the night. Howl from the Void fuses nihilist anthems of decadence and decay ('Bang My Head Against the Wall,' 'The World Owes Me Something'), hardcore bruisers ('Before the Gates'), and jagged postpunk ('Copy and Paste') to create a breathless display of alienation, paranoia, and outrage towards the dystopian techno-horror that is our world today. Henry and John of grind powerhouse No Mas, along with co-writer Seth Abelson and producer Dag'Nabbit, conjure a vivid backdrop to K's scouring vocals and piercing lyrics. PsyOp draws from the righteous fury of classic hardcore and the nihilism of 70's punk to create something fiercely its own.

Download the album: https://psyopdc.bandcamp.com

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EML’s Artist Profiles

Empathy Media Lab’s Artist Profile series focuses on the role of artists in society. Inspired by James Baldwin’s numerous essays and interviews like James Baldwin on the Creative Process and the Artist’s Responsibility to Society and The Price of the Ticket: Collected Nonfiction, this series will profile artists, highlight their work, and explore the creative process and the role of the artist in today's society.

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