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Jim Key President Atomic Energy Workers Council United Steel Workers

The Future of Union led Nuclear Energy in America

“These [nuclear energy jobs] provided good family sustaining wages with good benefits. And a lot of people put their kids through college, bought a home, paid it off and during the sixties, through the eighties, it was one of highest paying jobs in the regions where these [nuclear] plants are located.”

Jim Key - President Atomic Energy Workers Council

Jim Key is the President of the United Steel Workers (USW) Atomic Energy Workers Council (AEWC) and former Vice President At Large of USW Local 8-550, which represents the highly skilled, well trained workers at the Department of Energy (DOE)’s Paducah Federal Enclave Site Reservation in Kentucky.

The United Steelworkers Atomic Energy Workers Council consists of presidents and vice presidents from all United Steel Workers local unions that have contracts with DOE across the nation.

During this conversation we discuss:

  • The United Steelworkers Atomic Energy Workers Council;

  • How the nuclear energy economy supports high skilled, high wage union jobs;

  • The 2019 conference in Turkey that brought together nuclear workers building union power;

  • The need to reindustrialize our nuclear energy sector and restart nuclear processing and recycling; and

  • The future of union led nuclear energy in America.

You can sign up for USW's Nuclear times here.

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