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End Eco-Colonialism and Free Africa's Nuclear Energy with Princy Mthombeni

“I'm a humanitarian at heart. So I see nuclear as a vehicle that will deliver prosperity to the African continent.”

Princy Mthombeni

Princy Mthombeni is an award winning communications specialist, nuclear energy advocate, entrepreneur, philanthropist and thought leader.

As a former Board Member of Women in Nuclear South Africa, an African Young Generation in Nuclear Communication Head, Editor-In-Chief of Nuclear Energy Workers Newsletter and a Stand Up For Nuclear South Africa Coordinator, she focuses on addressing the socio-economic issues of the African continent through promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.

Princy also founded a Nuclear Energy Youtube Series named “Africa4Nuclear,” which Princy hosts covering the socio-economic benefits and technical aspects of nuclear science and technology for education and information.

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Watch Princy at COP26 on Decouple Media - Is African Poverty a Climate Solution? Western Hypocrisy Exposed on the Floor of COP26 - ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjbvxwSy3O8

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