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Campaign for a Green Nuclear Deal with Madison Czerwinski

“Bringing nuclear to other countries would necessarily put us in competition with Russia and China...we know that competitive global markets can help with deployment innovation, development of advanced fuels, and technologies and I just see no reason why it shouldn't be American industry, American manufacturing, American jobs that are delivering on the economic and environmental benefits of nuclear worldwide. I think it should be us.”

Welcome to the Harmony of Interest series where we explore ideas that positively shape our world.

Madison Czerwinski is the Executive Director at Campaign for a Green Nuclear Deal. She wrote a compelling essay titled Campaign for a Green Nuclear Deal: Forging a New America.

During this conversation, we discuss the political economy of nuclear energy in regards to jobs, manufacturing, and low electricity costs, how organized labor can engage in this space, and the foreign policy implications of U.S. nuclear policy.

You can follow her work on twitter at @Madi_Czerwinski.

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