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HAYMARKET: The Bomb, The Anarchists, The Labor Struggle - Labor Goes To The Movies

Chris and Elise talk with director Adrian Prawica about his new film Haymarket: The Bomb, the Anarchists, the Labor Struggle, which is being screened free online this coming week by the Global Labor Film Festival Network, which will also include two online discussions with Adrian on May Day, Saturday, May 1, one at 8p Eastern time with labor historians Joe McCartin (Georgetown University) and Steve Brier (CUNY School of Labor), the other at 8p Pacific time with Labor Studies Professor Dana Frank (UC Santa Cruz).

Adrian is an award-winning cinematographer, director, video producer, and content creator. Based in Chicago, his work in journalism, documentary and advertising has been seen on major television networks in the United States and abroad by millions of viewers. He’s done everything from Super Bowl commercials to award-winning documentary films; he’s a certified Phantom Flex high speed camera operator and tech, and he works with both the Arri Alexa, and RED cameras, and we talk about how technology has democratized filmmaking. Adrian was born in Poland and immigrated to the United States at the age of ten, and we also explore how that background has informed his filmmaking.

You can also celebrate May Day by watching Work Songs (we interviewed director Mark Street on our April 9 show); get your tickets here. And stay tuned for updates very soon on the upcoming 2021 DC Labor FilmFest line-up!

Produced by Chris Garlock. Video edited by Evan Papp of Empathy Media Lab.

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