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Michael Gene Sullivan of the San Francisco Mime Troupe - Artist Works

“Being an artist is a constant chase. But most importantly, never sell out. Because once you sell your soul, you can never get it back.”

Michael Gene Sullivan is an actor, writer, director, blogger, and teacher committed to developing theater of social and economic justice, of political self-determination, and, of course, musical comedy. Michael is also a Collective Member and Resident Director of the Tony and OBIE award-winning, always revolutionary, and never, ever silent San Francisco Mime Troupe, where he has written, acted in, and/or directed over thirty plays.

Playwright's Foundation, and was awarded an Artist Fellowship from the Djerassi Arts Center, and in 2022 was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship.

About the San Francisco Mime Troupe

The mission of the San Francisco Mime Troupe is to create and produce theater that presents a working-class analysis of the events that shape our society, that exposes social and economic injustice, that demands revolutionary change on behalf of working people, and to present this analysis before the broadest possible audience with artistry and humor.

The collective of the San Francisco Mime Troupe exists not only to create this activist art but also to embody our ideals of combating the fragmentation of the working class: we are a democratically run, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-cultural, gender-balanced theater of social justice that by its very existence sustains a vision of community governance of, by, and for the people.

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About EMLab’s Artist Works

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