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Chisenga - Global Hip Hop Artist, Producer, and Sound Engineer

“Sometimes I'll be feeling all alone…like, am I the only person that believes it? But I believe in it enough to know that where there's a will, there's a way.”

Chisenga - Hip Hop Artist Extraordinaire

Chisenga is a Grammy-recognised Hip-Hop artist born in Zambia and now based in Perth, Australia. His latest album is Rhythm and Poetry

Born in Lusaka, Zambia, his interest in performing began at the early age of 10. With time spent at home with his mother listening to country music and later, his step-dad grooving to classic soul music, he developed an appreciation and understanding for music that would later inspire the sound he would craft in years to come.

From the time he was recognised for releasing the first locally produced Hip-Hop album in his birth country Zambia, Officer in Charge was and still stands as one of the most successful Hip-Hop albums from that country. He was further introduced to Africa and the rest of the world through MTV Base and Channel-O, the two major African music channels that broadcast across Africa.

His song The Fire Inside once took a No. 1 spot across Africa on both MTV Base and Channel-O charts, which earned him a Channel-O Video Music Award for Best Music Video, Southern Africa.

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