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Voices from Labor Notes Conference 2022 - Labor Radio Podcast Daily

There are over 4,000 folks at the 2022 Labor Notes conference in Chicago and the Labor Radio Podcast Network team talked to almost all of them today…Liz Medina, Will Westlake, Michael Brennan, Robert Ovetz, Jeff Eagan, Noah Strang, John Courtney, Jordan Fisher, Mitchell Jones, Howard Stewart, Sam Sprole, Lynn Fields, Lakeisha Lloyd, Dan Kask and Bobby Lynn Negron. OK, maybe not all 4,000, but a terrific cross-section of the activists and self-proclaimed “troublemakers” gathered here in Chicago. The music you’ll hear is from the Great Labor Arts Exchange.

Empathy Media Lab has partnered with the LRPN to capture the voices of the global trade union movement from the AFL-CIO Convention in Philadelphia to the Labor Notes conference in Chicago.

Follow the Labor Radio Podcast Network (https://www.laborradionetwork.org/) and listen to the podcast (https://laborradiopodcastweekly.podbean.com/).

Editing by Patrick Dixon and Evan Papp; produced by Chris Garlock; social media guru Mr. Harold Phillips and Mel Smith.


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