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Spiritual and Global Solidarity

"There's another vision of the way things could be. And I think that's where the church and labor and so many of the movements that are here in this convention bring glimpses of that into our communities, into our lives."

Father Clete Kiley - Unite Here

The Labor Radio Podcast Daily is coming to you from the AFL-CIO Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Empathy Media Lab has partnered with the LRPN to capture the voices of the global trade union movement.

Hundreds gathered for an interfaith breakfast Sunday morning before the convention officially opened at noon, so our show begins with Father Clete Kiley and Clayton Sinyai; Father Kiley is chaplain to the Chicago Federation of Labor and senior adviser to Unite Here, while Clayton Sinyai is the Executive Director of the Catholic Labor Network.

Our other guests today hail from across the country and around the world, from April Lott, president of the Charleston South Carolina Labor Council, to Kooper Caraway, president of the South Dakota AFL-CIO. Fathimath Zimna (photo) is General Secretary of the Maldives Health Professionals Union and we wrap up today’s show with Laxman Basnet, General Secretary of the South Asian Regional Trade Union Council.

We’ve got a lot more already lined up for tomorrow’s show, including an exclusive sitdown with Liz Shuler and Fred Redmond, who talked with the Labor Radio Podcast Network just hours after being elected President and Secretary Treasurer of the AFL-CIO. Also, Karen Nussbaum interviewed a number of international trade unionists which we’ll be featuring in tomorrow’s report.

Interviews and editing by Patrick Dixon, Evan Papp and Chris Garlock; produced by Chris Garlock; social media guru Mr. Harold Phillips.


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