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UPDATE - SB 0581/HB 0039 Change Waiver of Publication Bill - TransMaryland w/ Lee Blinder


The house bill passed. Now is the time to support senate bill # SB0581 by Senator Hettleman. It comes before the Senate’s JPR this Friday, February 26th at 10am.

Folks can call and ask their state Senator to sign on as a co-sponsor to this bill, and also call the senators on the judicial proceedings committee to ask for them to support this bill and provide a favorable report.

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The University of Maryland School of Public Policy Alumni Board's video and podcast series called Policy Dialogues discusses current events through a policy lens.

Episode 13 talks with Lee Blinder who is the Executive Director of Trans Maryland, which is an organization that aims to promote trans wellness throughout Maryland by increasing access to affirming services and resources, while nurturing young trans leadership.

Lee discusses HB 427 Change Waiver of Publication Bill - Maryland House Committee Hearing. What Does This Bill Do? Under current law, when filing for a legal name change in Maryland, an individual is required to pay to publish a notice of name change in their local newspaper. A petition can be filed to waive the publication requirement, and could be granted by a judge. Publication adds weeks, sometimes months, to the process and can cost up to an additional $250. Publication is also a violation of a person's privacy. The publication can linger on the Internet indefinitely and have adverse results. Some have resulted in workplace discrimination and even violence, in the cases of trans people and survivors of stalking or domestic violence. The process of petitioning to waive the the publication requirement still is not granted in most areas of the state. A judge may deny any petition and require publication.

HB 427, however, would require courts to waive the publication requirement, thereby protecting the privacy of those changing their names. As a result, this will make the name change process quicker and more affordable. This will reduce one of the barriers transgender people and others face while trying to live their most authentic life.

University of Maryland School of Public Policy Alumni Hosts included Seanniece Bamiro (UMD SPP ‘15), Delisha Thompson (UMD SPP ‘18), and Evan Papp (UMD SPP ‘11).

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The views expressed do not represent official positions of the school or alumni network.


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