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Bwando Farms Growing Good Food in Zambia with Conrad Bwalya

“We tend to be so lucky in Zambia and Africa because much of the land that we own, most people just inherit it. You don't buy it. And and yet you're sitting on this inherited land and not making it productive.You can’t send your kids to school, you can't have decent housing, you can't actually sustainably feed yourself and yet you're sitting on this resource, So my focus was how do we turn this resource that we sit on, which we don't even value into something that we can actually get jobs out of,”

Conrad Bwalya, Bwando Farms

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Conrad Bwalya is the co-founder of Bwando farms with his wife Linda. Based in Zambia, Bwando Farms was started in 2015 as a small farm that has been transformed into a successful integrated farming business, while also creating financial opportunities for rural Zambians by training local farmers. The goal of Bwando Farms is to be one among the best protein food suppliers that feeds a growing population while continually raising expectations for what good food can do.

Learn about Bwando Farms and support their mission by visiting: https://bwandofarms.com.

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