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The buddhist forklift driver, the searching mother and the UN translator - Labor Goes To the Movies

Elise and Chris discuss My Darling Supermarket, Identifying Features, Quo Vadis, Aida and Collective with retired SEIU staffer (and now buddhist monk) Peter Pocock and Empathy Media Lab’s Evan Matthew Papp. Everyday lives, the human face of migration, and a different point of view from women directors.

NOTE: these films are all available online in AFI Silver’s Virtual Screening Room, along with two upcoming films in the DC Labor FilmFest Spring Mini-Series:

LAPSIS (April 7, 7p ET) CLICK HERE for tickets; Post-screening Q&A moderated by labor journalist Sarah Jaffe, with Katie Parker, Administrative Organizer for NPEU, the Non Profit Employees Union and EPI Policy Analyst Margaret Poydock.

MARTIN EDEN (April 14, 7p ET); CLICK HERE for tickets; Post-screening Q&A with filmmaker and novelist John Sayles.

Produced by Chris Garlock. Video edited by Chris Garlock and Evan Papp.


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