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LIVE from the AFL-CIO convention!

Welcome to the Labor Radio Podcast Daily, a special edition of the Labor Radio Podcast Weekly. Empathy Media Lab has partnered with the LRPN to capture the voices of the global trade union movement.

We’re here in Philadelphia at the AFL-CIO Convention, where thousands of union leaders and members have gathered to celebrate the strength of the federation’s 56 affiliated unions and 12.5 million members, honor the souls lost and renew the movement’s commitment to build back better with unions.

Hosted by American Income Life, the Labor Radio Podcast Network will be interviewing convention attendees about the opportunities and challenges ahead for the American labor movement.

Saturday’s show, highlights a moving tribute to Richard Trumka, the fiery Mine Workers president who led his union to victory in the 1989 Pittston strike, and went on to lead the AFL-CIO, serving as president from 2009 until his untimely death on August 5, 2021.

PLUS: interviews with Brian Griffin, executive secretary treasurer for the Cincinnati AFL CIO labor council, Leonard Aguilar, secretary treasurer of the Texas AFL CIO, and Alicia Page, business development officer for the Bank of Labor.

Edited by Patrick Dixon, Evan Papp and Mel Smith; produced by Chris Garlock; social media guru Mr. Harold Phillips.

Learn more about Labor Radio Podcast Network at laborradionetwork.org.

And follow the AFL-CIO convention at aflcioconvention.org

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