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Policy Dialogues Ep.10 w/ Professor Julie Greene - Labor History

“...so that right to a union, that right to organize collectively should be seen as just as fundamental as any other right that we have.”

Professor Julie Greene

The University of Maryland School of Public Policy Alumni Board's video and podcast series called Policy Dialogues discusses current events through a policy lens.

Episode 10 focuses on how Labor History can help inform Public Policy with UMD Professor Julie Greene. Participants also included Evan Papp (UMD SPP ‘11).

Dr. Julie Greene who is a Professor of History at the University of Maryland College Park focusing on labor, immigration, and empire. She received a BA degree in history from the University of Michigan, a BA and MA degree in history from University of Cambridge, and a PhD in history from Yale University.

She is the author of numerous books including The Canal Builders: Making America's Empire at the Panama Canal. Julie is the founding co-Director of the Center for Global Migration Studies at the University of Maryland. And she is also the Past President of the Labor and Working-Class History Association.

The views expressed do not represent official positions of the school or alumni network.


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