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Permanent Wave - The Gig Podcast - Season 2 Episode 3

We go to India and Thailand to talk about intimate personal care services that take place in people's homes. Advocates and researchers explain how technology is affecting personal care workers who are already low wage, precarious and exploited. Clients expect 'emotional labor' from these women but there are big risks of gender-based violence that platforms may exacerbate.

Guests: Kriangsak Teerawitkajorn, Just Economy and Labour Institute (JELI); Khawla Zainab, IT for Change


The Gig is about the women and men who work in the so-called 'gig economy' worldwide. They find work through online platforms, and will tell us why we all need to be concerned about the real future of work.

Following The Gig Podcast’s successful launch of Season 1, host and executive producer Bama Athreya is back with Season 2 focusing on gig workers in the care economy.

For Season 2, The Gig Podcast is partnering with fellow Labor Radio Podcast Network member Evan Papp of Empathy Media Lab to support the production of the new series.


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