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Organize the Churches and Rejoice with Matt Bernico - Belief Street Faith and Labor

"You can rally around those people and say, 'No more killing of people through the slow crucifixions of low wage work, union busting, and lack of healthcare.'

Matt Bernico recently published an article in Sojourners Magazine titled RECENT UNION WINS MEAN IT’S TIME FOR MORE ORGANIZED RELIGION. On this Easter Weekend, I needed to learn more.

We discuss how
  • Jesus belongs to a particular class of people in history called the crucified people;

  • The powers and principalities using church language;

  • White nationalist Christianity; and

  • How to organize the church.

Excerpt 1 - Matt Bernico reflects on ​James 5 - Warning to Rich Oppressors

Matt is an independent researcher and journalist and he has a Ph.D. from the European Graduate School in Media Communication. His research and writing tends to focus on the intersections of media, politics and religion. He also has a podcast called The Magnificast (https://themagnificast.com) exploring Christianity and the political left.

Find solidarity in Matthew’s work:

Website - Mattbernico.com

On Good Friday - Evan Papp reflects on being a bad Catholic with Matt Bernico - Excerpt 2

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