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Mexico and U.S. Labor Solidarity Lessons Learned with Robin Alexander

“In spite of all of the horrible things that are happening in the world today, I think that on the labor front, both in the United States and Mexico, these are really exciting times.”

Robin Alexander, Retired UE Director of International Affairs

About International Solidarity in Action - The e-Book

This new e-book by retired UE Director of International Affairs Robin Alexander tells the story of the partnership between the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE) and the Mexican Frente Auténtico del Trabajo (FAT), a story that is a testimony to the power of rank-and-file solidarity.

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About the Labor Solidarity Podcast

The Labor Solidarity Podcast highlights the work of labor leaders while discussing historic struggles and the importance of organizing with the goal of building international labor solidarity. Learn more at: https://www.empathymedialab.com/laborsolidarity

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