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Book Review: Why The New Deal Matters with author Dr. Eric Rauchway

“Roosevelt came into office in 1933...unemployment is getting up in the direction of 25%...so you have basically every element of the united states economy is broken at this point and this global catastrophe has seen the rise of right-wing parties throughout the world and particularly in Europe and of course most notably in Germany where Adolf Hitler will become chancellor during this period between the election and inauguration.”

Dr. Eric Rauchway is author of Why The New Deal Matters, which provides a look at how the New Deal fundamentally changed American life, and why it remains relevant today.

Dr. Rauchway is a distinguished Professor of History at the University of California, Davis, and has written six books of U.S. history and a novel. He has written for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Financial Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Atlantic, Time, and other publications. He holds a PhD from Stanford, an MA from Oxford, and a bachelor's degree from Cornell.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Why he wanted to write this book;

  • What the world looked like as President Franklin Roosevelt came into office in 1933;

  • What was the New Deal; and

  • Why so many Americans are unaware of the successes of the New Deal.


You can learn more about Dr. Rauchway’s work at:

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Short 2

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