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Mark Street’s Film Work Songs - Labor Goes To the Movies

Elise and Chris talk with director Mark Street, whose latest film is Work Songs, which travels across the country talking with ordinary working folks; cab drivers, a farmer, longshore-women, a barista. Inspired by the work of the great Studs Terkel, Work Songs is a kaleidoscopic portrait of the United States at work as we face threats from automation, the gig economy and the decline of unions.

Celebrate May Day by watching Work Songs! Get your tickets here.

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Coming up in the DC Labor FilmFest: MARTIN EDEN (April 14); CLICK HERE for tickets; Post-screening Q&A with filmmaker and novelist John Sayles!

Produced by Chris Garlock. Video edited by Chris Garlock and Evan Papp.

If you like movies and are interested in the labor movement, hang out with Labor Heritage Foundation Executive Director Elise Bryant and DC Labor FilmFest Director Chris Garlock as they kick back and talk about their favorite films and chat with guests about work and workers on the silver screen.


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