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Lynne Hancock - Nuclear Times Newsletter of the United Steel Workers

The nuclear energy economy provides high skilled, high paid, union jobs

“We needed something for our nuclear workers because we have so many sectors at the United Steel Workers…So I decided to start this newsletter [Nuclear Times] because our Atomic Energy Workers Council is incredible. Those folks know more about their plants than a lot of the contractor management does because they've been there for years.”

Lynn Hancock is part of the United Steel Workers (USW) Communications Department and helped found the Nuclear Times newsletter and administers the USW Atomic Workers Facebook page.

The USW Atomic Energy Workers Council consists of presidents and vice presidents from all USW local unions that have contracts with the Department Of Energy across the nation.

Also, I want to note a correction around six minutes and thirty seconds in which I misstated that the amount of energy in one uranium fuel pellet is equal to two tons of coal and 200 hundred gallons of oil. The correct equivalent of one uranium fuel pellet is one ton of coal, 149 gallons of oil, or 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas.

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