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LRPN Weekly Roundup - January 9, 2021

Teen Vogue labor columnist Kim Kelly joins AFL-CIO Policy Director Damon Silvers on this week’s Labor Radio Podcast livestream show for a lively discussion – from a worker perspective -- about the Trump attack on the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday. Labor folksinger/songwriter George Mann was also our guest on the show this week; be sure to stick around at the end of the podcast for a bonus track from his latest CD, "The Coronavirus Sessions." UCOMM Live host Kris LaGrange talked about his super-PAC and the recent elections on the America’s Work Force show this week, and on The BCTGM Voices Project – the brand-new podcast from the Baker’s union, Director of Organization John Price discusses hopes for the National Labor Relations Board under Joe Biden, along with recent organizing campaigns.

Nationally, construction workers account for as much as 25% of overdose fatalities and in Rhode Island, one in five of those who have overdosed worked in the construction industry. Labor Vision takes a look at how the Rhode Island Building and Construction Trades Council is working to address this deadly issue.

And this week we start a new feature, the Labor Radio Podcast Network Member Spotlight. Network producer Evan Papp has been conducting a series of fascinating interviews with members of the Labor Radio Podcast Network and this week we meet RadioLabour's Marc Bélanger. On Labor History in 2:00, Courts Stand Against Workers.

Highlights from labor radio and podcast shows around the country, part of the national Labor Radio Podcast Network of shows focusing on working people’s issues and concerns.

Also, check out our weekly livestream show, available at on Facebook and YouTube, where you’ll also find profiles of members of the Network.

#LaborRadioPod @BCTGM @AWFUnionPodcast @LaborVisionRI ‎@RickSmithShow Edited by Patrick Dixon and Evan Papp; produced by Chris Garlock; social media guru: Harold Phillips


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