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Legislating Policy with Matt Verghese - Policy Dialogues Ep.18

“The American people want a government that works, they want a government that is responsive to their needs and is responsive to how they are suffering right now.”

The University of Maryland School of Public Policy Alumni Board's video and podcast series called Policy Dialogues discusses current events through a policy lens.

Episode 18 focuses on Legislating Policy with Matt Verghese (UMD SPP ‘10). Participants also included Evan Papp (UMD SPP ‘11).

Matt Verghese is the chief of staff for U.S. Congressman Anthony Brown who represents Maryland's 4th congressional district. Matt has also served as a senior advisor on the Van Hollen for Senate campaign as well as Political and Communications Director for the Maryland Democratic Party, and as Senior Legislative Aide in the Montgomery County Government.

We discussed:

  • Why he first got interested in public policy;

  • The connection between public policy and politics;

  • The January 6th political violence on Capitol Hill to prevent the certifying of the electoral college;

  • The media’s relentless emphasis on bipartisanship; and

  • Where he sees opportunity and hope.

The views expressed do not represent official positions of the school or alumni network.


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