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Labor goes to the Movies - Stand! with Danny Schur

If you like movies and are interested in the labor movement, hang out with Labor Heritage Foundation Executive Director Elise Bryant and DC Labor FilmFest Director Chris Garlock as they kick back and talk about their favorite films and chat with guests about work and workers on the silver screen.

On this first episode, Elise remembers that her neighborhood in Southeast Detroit didn’t have a movie theater so she’d walk to one in nearby River Rouge, where the films were big and in color, in contrast to the little black-and-white television set at home.

Then Danny Schur – composer and producer of Stand! the musical about the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike – drops by to share his own childhood memories of going to the movies at a huge theater in his tiny hometown of Ethelbert, 200 miles north of Winnipeg, Canada. “There were only maybe 1,000 people in town and half of them could fit into the theater.” Danny also discusses music, theater, why the actor’s clothes in Stand! are so clean and why every local union should buy the Black Magic 6.

Includes Stand, sung by Lisa Bell. Click here to see the movie!

Labor Goes to the Movies is produced by Chris Garlock.

You can listen to the podcast here: https://anchor.fm/labor-goes-to-the-movies


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