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Introduction to Podcasting Workshop - Johns Hopkins University School of Education


Podcasts are effective tools for marketing ideas and content because they amplify individual voices and brands to engage niche audiences and build communities of interest. Podcasts also create value for listeners when they are informative, educational, and entertaining.

As part of Johns Hopkins University School of Education faculty development, the goal of the workshop is to provide resources to launch a podcast.

About Empathy Media Lab

Empathy Media Lab is an established podcast and video production company with a publishing arm focusing on labor, political economy, art, and culture. EMLab Strategies is part of Empathy Media Lab and offers a suite of communication, education, and media services for government, nonprofits, and businesses.

Empathy Media Lab was founded by Evan Matthew Papp who has over a decade of executive level experience consulting, developing, and managing strategic communications for the U.S. government, private industry, multilateral organizations, and nonprofits.


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