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Historic 2020 Election Livestream w/ Labor Radio Podcast Network - November 3rd

The Labor Radio Podcast Network is broadcasting live coverage on its Facebook page -- https://www.facebook.com/LaborRadioNet -- focusing on reporting from regional members and special guests to discuss what organized labor is doing throughout the United States to ensure all votes are counted and labor’s voice is heard.

You can re-watch previous coverage on Labor Radio Podcast Network's youtube channel.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @laborradionet and follow the conversation by using #LaborRadioPod.

Contact us if you want to join the network: https://www.laborradionetwork.org/contact

In addition to our network member panelists, Election Night Coverage guests included:


Hour 1

Harold Meyerson (American Prospect)


Hour 2

Larry Cohen (Former President, Communications Workers of America; Chairs the board of Our Revolution)

Dan Maloney (President, Rochester Labor Council, Leader of Rochester General Strike Resolution)


Hour 3

Paul Pimentel (International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers - SMART)

Will Attig (Executive Director - Union Veterans Council)


Hour 4

Danny Schur (composer/producer/co-writer at Strike! Musical (stage) and Stand! Movie Musical (adaptation of Strike!))

Charlie Flemming (President Georgia State AFL-CIO)


Hour 5

Liz Shuler (Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO)

Elise Bryant (President - Coalition of Labor Union Women)


Hour 6

Don McIntosh (Editor in Chief, NW Labor Press)

John Coleman (SMART Local 7 Organizer)


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