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Henry Ford Hunger March and Massacre - Detroit 1932 - Midwest Labor Series

As part of our labor series that stretches from Pittsburgh to Chicago through Cleveland, and Benton Harbor, I visited hallowed ground on the Fort Street Bridge and the Woodmere Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan to pay respect to the men and women who fought for our rights against the Ford Motor Company.

The brutality they faced enshrined this labor battle known as the Ford Hunger March and Massacre, which became a major catalyst for the unionization of the U.S. auto industry.

Yet only dirt lots remain and the graves are unkempt and covered with weeds.

Let us dust off this history.

We must remember the struggle of those who came before us, whose sacrifices have given us so much.

We can no longer take for granted what we have, because our long slumber has led to numerous losses of our labor rights.

It is time to reawaken the union of workers and reassert our rights over our labor, so that future generations receive even more than what we have been given.

Unionize labor everywhere.

No union, no rights.

Solidarity Forever.


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