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Garment workersin Bangladesh need a living wage - Kalpona Akter on Radio Labour

We are excited to share Radio Labour’s January 25, 2022 excerpt, “Garment workers in Bangladesh need a living wage,” that covered The Labor Link’s podcast interview with Kalpona Akter.


Kalpona Akter is a former child worker and labor activist from Bangladesh. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity and was awarded Human Rights Watch's Alison Des Forges award for Extraordinary Activism.

The Radio Labour team consists of labour educators, negotiators, research representatives, union members and others connected to the labour movement. Most of us work, or have worked, for a union, a labour studies centre, or a global union. The team is led by Marc Bélanger, an international labour educator, based in Canada.

To learn more about Radio Labour, visit: https://www.radiolabour.net/.


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