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Development Ethics with Dr. Stacy Kosko - Policy Dialogues Ep.17

“...we should be striving for human flourishing and human dignity and there's no reason why we should fall short of that from the human rights approach or development approach or public policy approach.”

The University of Maryland School of Public Policy Alumni Board's video and podcast series called Policy Dialogues discusses current events through a policy lens.

Episode 17 focuses on Development Ethics with Professor Stacy Kosko who is Associate Director of the Minor in International Development and Conflict Management; and Assistant Research Professor in the Center for International Development and Conflict Management in the Department of Government and Politics at the University of Maryland.

Her research focuses on development ethics, human rights, and severely marginalized populations. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy with a concentration in international development.

We discussed:

  • How she first became interested in international development ethics and human rights and how they are connected to public policy;

  • The Human Development and Capability Approach;

  • Her work as a Fulbright Scholar in Moldova exploring minority youth participation in social and political change;

  • Her new book, Agency and Democracy in Development Ethics;

  • The Global Development and Design project that aims to create an online, open-access development project design toolkit; and

  • Teaching during the pandemic and how to make labor relations in the university system more equitable.

The interview was produced by Evan Papp (UMD SPP ‘11). The views expressed do not represent official positions of the school or alumni network.


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