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“Billionaires have got to go! F—k Jeff Bezos!”

“When you come to the fight with organized labor, if you are corporate America, and you want to take us on, or you are a crooked corruptible politician, put your helmets on, buckle your chin strap. It's a full contact sport!”

Teamster President Sean O’Brien

Friday night’s all-star program at the 2022 Labor Notes conference in Chicago featured Chris Smalls from the Amazon Labor Union, Bernie Sanders and Teamsters president Sean O’Brien, who fired up an already-fired-up crowd. We’ve got highlights from the program on today’s show, including music from Dilson Hernandez, along with more voices from the folks who stopped by the Labor Radio Podcast Network booth here at the conference: Carmen Velasquez, Naomi Martinez, Arsal Asif, Anecia Ventura, Eris Derrickson, Jackie Serrato, Martin Unzueta, Jose Carlos, Janette Corcelius, Robert Hughes, Michael Harrington, Jamie Simpson, Zach Young, Jessica Buttermore, Jessica Thornton, Nate Wendt, Nicole McCormick, Joe Jencks, Ben Grosscup and Maggie Hansford.

NOTE: Here's a video of the complete Friday night Labor Notes program.

Empathy Media Lab partnered with the LRPN to capture the voices of the global trade union movement from the AFL-CIO Convention in Philadelphia to the Labor Notes conference in Chicago.

Follow the Labor Radio Podcast Network (https://www.laborradionetwork.org/) and listen to the podcast (https://laborradiopodcastweekly.podbean.com/).

Editing by Patrick Dixon and Evan Papp; produced by Chris Garlock; social media guru Mr. Harold Phillips and Mel Smith.


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