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On this week’s show…

If we want students back in school learning, we have to have all that testing and tracing and other pieces done, so we know what the situation is and we can figure out how to deal with it. Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper talking with America’s Work Force Radio about how difficult it has been for teachers and schools to renegotiate their re-openings in the fall.

Six feet doesn't necessarily mean you're all okay. You know, the virus doesn't come up to the six foot and go ‘Stop right there.’ Geraldine Stella, Health & Safety Specialist at the New York State Public Employees Federation, discusses workplace safety in the office setting on Union Strong, the official podcast of the New York State AFL-CIO. My biggest thing is just having a voice and a safe environment to have that voice. If our local healthcare workers really are so essential, why are the bosses trampling on their rights as workers? Find out how workers in the Midwest are fighting back, on The Heartland Labor Forum, Kansas City's only program about the workplace. We’re siblings that love podcasts and hate capitalism. Crimes of Capital – one of the newest members of the Labor Radio/Podcast Network -- is a weekly podcast dedicated to uncovering the real reason behind many of the world’s biggest crimes being committed against humanity.

And this monstrosity is created to enshrine the concept of the Lost Cause and to say to white workers, who are moving in the direction of class consciousness and interracial solidarity, to say to them, ‘Hang with the powerful white people. The powerful white people will look after you, you will have access to privilege and advantage, cut loose those black people that you have been working with.’ Historian Peter Rachleff on WorkWeek Radio, on the Robert E. Lee memorial and the history of the Knights of Labor in Richmond Virginia.

Plus: Labor History in 2; The Beginning of ‘Our’ Interests.

Edited by Evan Papp of the Empathy Media Lab, a production house, artist's studio and an event space in Washington DC with a focus on labor, political economy, and art & culture. Produced by Chris Garlock; chris@laborradionetwork.org Social media guru: Harold Phillips


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