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Policies for Universal Prosperity with Daniel Burke - Political Economy Project

“Look at economics from the standpoint of the ability to increase the potential relative population density the number of people that you can potentially support in a given square kilometer.

“And that's what economics really is about. It's about increasing the power of labor, the power of an individual to do productive work. The way you increase that is through machine tools, through technologies, and you increase it through fundamental breakthroughs in energy.

“You want to go to more intense, higher qualities of fire if you think about it from that perspective. If we go from wood to coal, to oil to fission, which is where we should be, we should be in a fission economy right now, which would be many times more productive than our present economy is. And then fusion, that's where we should be headed. Because at every leap you fundamentally, qualitatively change the power that mankind has over the universe.”

Daniel Burke, Schiller Institute

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Daniel Burke ran for U.S. Senate in New Jersey and is with the Schiller Institute, which is organizing to establish a just global economic order ensuring populations are no longer subjected to the horrors of imperialism and geopolitics premised on the anti-entropic development of all nations, and a classical cultural renaissance supporting the creative spirit and potential of all people on this planet, through a dialogue of civilizations that brings forth the best traditions of each culture.

Follow Daniel’s work on Twitter https://twitter.com/Burke4Senate.

About The Political Economy Project

The Political Economy Project is seeking to create a blueprint to unify our fellow humans on a common purpose to work together based on a harmony of interests of the human spirit leading to a new cultural and economic renaissance.

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