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Life with Energy Scarcity 101 with Irina Slav - Political Economy Project

“There's still people on social media who say, ‘You know, we should just shut up and suck it up. We can get through the winter, even if it's a bit colder.’ But it won't be a bit colder. It might end up being a lot colder and there might be energy rationing, which is the worst case scenario. I think it will be a brutal wake up call for those people.”

Irina Slav, Energy Journalist

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Irina Slav is an energy journalist who writes about energy, mining, and geopolitics for Oilprice.com with occasional gigs for Seeking Alpha and other news outlets. She also has one of the best Substack columns writing on energy. During this interview, we discussed her essay titled, Life with Energy Scarcity 101 (https://irinaslav.substack.com/p/life-with-energy-scarcity-101).

Follow Irina’s work on Substack (https://irinaslav.substack.com) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/SlavEnergy).

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