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Fighting for a Better Future with Labor Journalist Hamilton Nolan - Labor Solidarity Podcast

“Thousands of journalists across the country have been through their own union drives in the past five years or so. And it changes people…I mean, it obviously educates people and opens their eyes to how important labor is. And also you have people who are going through their own union busting campaigns. They're going through having to negotiate contracts with their own boss. And so it really has elevated the profile of unions in the news.”

Hamilton Nolan
American Labor Journalist

Hamilton Nolan is an American journalist who writes on labor and politics in The Guardian (@Guardian), In These Times (@InTheseTimesMag), and the Columbia Journalism Review (@CJR). He previously wrote for Gawker and was part of the organizing efforts to win unionization. He is also writing his first book titled, Year of the Hammer that will be published in early 2024 by Hachette Books (hachettebooks.com).

We discuss:

You can follow his work on Twitter at https://twitter.com/hamiltonnolan.

Union Solidarity Forever.


About the Labor Solidarity Podcast

The Labor Solidarity Podcast highlights the work of labor leaders while discussing historic struggles and the importance of organizing with the goal of building international labor solidarity. The Labor Podcast is hosted by Elise Bryant and Evan Papp.

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