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Working People Podcast Excerpt - Labor Radio Podcast Network Weekly Roundup - July 10, 2021

Joe Biden talks about building for the future on the Teamsters podcast; what rising U.S.-China tensions mean for workers and the labor movement in both countries, from the Belabored podcast; On The Voice of Oregon's Workers, a look at Oregon's growing union movement; CTU Speaks talks with longtime educator and activist Tara Stamps; the Solidarity Breakfast podcast reports on the lockout at the Collingwood Community Gardens; on Trailblazers, Inc. Kayla Vander Moler shares her experiences as a boilermaker; writer, actor, producer, and stand-up comic Iliza Schlesinger talks about the hard work of comedy with 3rd and Fairfax, the podcast from the Writers Guild of America West; from the San Francisco Mime Troupe’s new radio drama, we get a taste of Episode 1 of Tales of the Resistance. This week’s Labor Radio Podcast Network profile from Empathy Media Lab is a visit with Maximillian Alvarez, host of the Working People podcast.

Bonus track: Organizing During Wartime on today’s Labor History in 2:00.

Highlights from labor radio and podcast shows around the country, part of the national Labor Radio Podcast Network of shows focusing on working people’s issues and concerns.

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Edited by Patrick Dixon and Melanie Smith; produced by Chris Garlock; social media guru: Harold Phillips.


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