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The Rise of Fascism and Independent Politics and Labor Working Class Response to Attacks - LRPN Live

Labor Radio Podcast Network’s Weekly Wednesday Livestream interviews labor leaders about current labor issues with rotating hosts made up of network members.

Guests for February 3rd, 2021 of LRPN Livestream included David Van Deusen (President, Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO), Trent Willis, (ILWU Local 10), Carol Lang (CUNY Professor), Mehmet Bayram (Pacifica Media Workers Guild in SF).

LRPN Hosts: Steve Zeltzer (Work Week Radio) and Chris Garlock (Union City Radio)

Additional Guest information:

David Van Deusen, President, Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO. Dave was elected President of the Vermont AFL-CIO on September 15th, 2019. He is a union rep for Vermont AFSCME members, previously a VSEA Union Rep, and still a Writer, and Harley Rider.

Trent Willis, President, Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 10. Learn more at https://www.ilwu.org/.

Carol Lang, CUNY Adjunct Professor, Learn more about her work here.

Mehmet Bayram, Pacifica Media Workers Guild in San Francisco. Learn more about his work here.

Credits: Produced by Chris Garlock (Union City Radio); Executive Producer and engineer and editor is Evan Matthew Papp (Empathy Media Lab).

About the Labor Radio Podcast Network

The Labor Radio Podcast Network is both a one-stop shop for audiences looking for labor content and a resource for labor broadcasters and podcasters. Resources include a weekly podcast summarizing shows produced by network members, marketing on social media, a website listing network shows and how audiences can find them, a database for contacting expert guests, access to a private listserv for Network members, and a weekly video call to increase solidarity and support amongst members.

Launched in April 2020, the Labor Radio Podcast Network focuses on working class issues that are often overlooked in the corporate-controlled media. The goal of the network is to help raise the voices of working people and strengthen organized labor to demand and achieve better treatment from workplaces and elected officials.

If you are a journalist interested in learning more or if you’re a labor radio or podcast producer and want to join the network, contact us at info@laborradionetwork.org.

Follow the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #LaborRadioPod or visit the website at: https://www.laborradionetwork.org/.

WEEKLY PODCAST NETWORK SUMMARY: https://laborradiopodcastweekly.podbean.com/


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