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The Activist Spirit - Toward a Radical Solidarity with Victor Narro Published by Hard Ball Press

"The work for social justice is a calling. It is about finding the goodness in yourself and in others as we move forward together towards a society that realizes a higher good – justice, peace, and equality for all."

Victor Narro

Project Director for the UCLA Labor Center


Labor and immigrant rights activist Victor Narro believes there is a spiritual core within social justice activism from which we can deepen our solidarity with each other. The work for justice is filled with the values attributed to spirituality – love, compassion, empathy for those in need, and a lifetime commitment to bring justice into their lives.

His book calls us to integrate that inner spiritual core into our work to make the struggle for justice more compassionate, caring, and sustainable. To be an activist for justice is to love humanity and all of creation.

About the Author

Victor Narro is a nationally known expert on immigrant rights and low-wage workers, Victor Narro has been involved with immigrant rights and labor issues for over 35 years. Currently Project Director for the UCLA Labor Center, Victor’s focus is to provide leadership programs for Los Angeles’ immigrant workers, policy, legal and organizing campaign planning for unions and worker centers, and internship opportunities for UCLA students.

Victor is Core Faculty for the Labor Studies Program at UCLA and Core Faculty for the Public Interest Law Program and Lecturer in Law for the Critical Race Studies Program at UCLA Law School. Victor was formerly the Co-Executive Director of Sweatshop Watch. Prior to that, he was the Workers’ Rights Project Director for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). Before his tenure at CHIRLA, Victor worked in the Los Angeles Regional Office of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF).

For more information, visit https://www.labor.ucla.edu/victor-narro/.

The Activist Spirit - Toward a Radical Solidarity is published by Hard Ball Press

Tim Sheard is the Executive Editor of Hard Ball Press and is a veteran nurse Timothy Sheard is a writer, publisher, mentor to writers and union organizer with the National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981. After writing 7 mystery novels featuring hospital custodian-shop steward Lenny Moss, he launched Hard Ball Press to help working class people write and publish their stories. Timothy believes that when workers write and tell their stories, they build rank and file solidarity and union power, as well strengthening the fight for social justice solidarity. Their stories help to combat the anti-labor and anti-working class assaults by the One Percent. Hard Ball Press is the premier publisher of working class life.

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