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Radio Labour Covers Sawit Kaewwan Labor Link Interview

We are excited to share Radio Labour’s excerpt, “Fighting for Thailand's Migrant Workers,” that covered The Labor Link’s podcast interview with Sawit Kaewwan.

Summary: Millions of migrant workers in Thailand need help. The Thai labour movement is fighting for their rights. An interview with Sawit Kaewwan, the secretary general of the State Enterprises Workers’ Relations Confederation (SERC) conducted by Judy Gearhart of American University’s Accountability Research Center.

The RadioLabour team consists of labour educators, negotiators, research representatives, union members and others connected to the labour movement. Most of us work, or have worked, for a union, a labour studies centre, or a global union. The team is led by Marc Bélanger, an international labour educator, based in Canada.

To learn more about Radio Labour, visit: https://www.radiolabour.net/


About The Labor Link Podcast

The Labor Link Podcast supports workers' rights in global supply chains by sharing personal stories and perspectives of the brave individuals organizing the workers who make our stuff. The Labor Link Podcast is hosted by Judy Gearhart of American University’s Accountability Research Center and produced by Empathy Media Lab of the Labor Radio Podcast Network.

You can listen to the full interview with Sawit here.


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