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Private Equity is Destroying Healthcare and How To Fight Back w/ Private Equity Stakeholder Project

“The private equity model is inherently at odds with providing good quality patient care

and providing good jobs.”


Welcome to the Harmony of Interest series where we explore ideas that positively shape our world.

For this recording, we are focusing on Private Equity’s role in the U.S. healthcare system. Joining me from the Private Equity Stakeholder Project is Virginia Rodino, who is the Director Of Communications, and Eileen O'Grady, Director of Healthcare Research.

Full Interview

The mission of the Private Equity Stakeholder Project is to identify, engage, and connect stakeholders affected by private equity with the goal of engaging investors and empowering communities, working families, and others impacted by private equity investments.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • What is Private Equity and how is it differentiated from other forms of investment;

  • How Private Equity negatively impacts healthcare;

  • What is the Private Equity Stakeholder Project; and

  • Policy solutions that involve organized labor, Congress, and investors.

You can learn more about the Private Equity Stakeholder Project and their work at:

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