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A Pandemic Nurse’s Diary - A Tribute to Healthcare Workers Fighting Covid-19

Hard Ball Press is the Premier Publisher of Working Class Life

For this holiday season support independent publishers focusing on labor issues and buy a book for yourself or a loved one that will celebrate working class writers, strengthen social justice solidarity, and combat the anti-labor and anti-working class assaults by the ruling class.

Hard Ball Press is dedicated to mentoring working class writers and putting their stories into print, so the world can see their faces, hear their voices, and join them in their struggles.

A Pandemic Nurse's Diary

Veteran nurse and Hard Ball Press Publisher, Timothy Sheard, worked with Nurse T (alias used to protect her identity), to write an account of true stories about life and death in a New York City’s Intensive Care Unit during the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2020.

To promote this powerful book, Empathy Media Lab and the Labor Radio Podcast Network interviewed Tim about this project and produced audio readings of essays to support emergency medical service workers who risked their lives in order to care for the frightened patients suffering from Covid-19 and their loved ones.

Audio Essays of the Pandemic Nurses Diary

Essay read by Kim Hoyer, Nurse Coordinator at Riverside University Health System, Los Angeles California. Produced by Evan Matthew Papp, Executive Producer of Empathy Media Lab.

Publisher Tim Sheard

Veteran nurse Timothy Sheard is a writer, publisher, mentor to writers and union organizer with the National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981. After writing 7 mystery novels featuring hospital custodian-shop steward Lenny Moss, he launched Hard Ball Press to help working class people write and publish their stories. Timothy believes that when workers write and tell their stories, they build rank and file solidarity and union power, as well strengthening the fight for social justice solidarity. Their stories help to combat the anti-labor and anti-working class assaults by the One Percent. Hard Ball Press is the premier publisher of working class life.

Full Interview with Tim Sheard

About the Labor Radio Podcast Network

The Labor Radio Podcast Network is both a one-stop shop for audiences looking for labor content and a resource for labor broadcasters and podcasters. Follow the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #LaborRadioPod or visit the website at: https://www.laborradionetwork.org/.


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