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Labor Radio-Podcast Weekly week of August 15, 2020

On this week’s show…

I think the pandemic really takes a cover off of all the faults in our society. On Labor Express Radio, excerpts from Haymarket Books recent webinar “Racism is a Public Health Crisis.”

Employers quickly forgot about the sacrifices that those they called heroes made… The impact of COVID-19 on public employees is the topic on the latest episode of AFT in Action, the podcast from the Connecticut American Federation of Teachers.

I'm driving into work and I'm listening to a local news radio station; Tina Thomas Manning at the time was the superintendent and she was on there being interviewed. She was ticked off because she got up that morning to go into the office and there was this giant rat outside her house, outside the front yard.

From America's Work Force Radio, we hear the latest adventures of Scabby The Rat.

On these stations, they never hear the word union in a positive context. In a nice bit of Labor radio/Podcast Network synergy, the Working People podcast recently caught up with the Valley Labor Report, a weekly talk radio show airing in Huntsville and Russellville, Alabama.

We have to use our collective power to fight and to fight for these things that are essential, not just for our members, but really for all workers. the latest Solidarity Works episode connects the 1965 civil rights struggles with today’s battle for the ballot.

We close the show this week with a special treat, Old School Mechanic, the latest song from Spudwrench, "the singing union elevator constructor."

Plus, Labor History in 2: “Run Down Like A Dog”

Edited by Evan Papp of the Empathy Media Lab, a production house, artist's studio and an event space in Washington DC with a focus on labor, political economy, and art & culture. Produced by Chris Garlock; chris@laborradionetwork.org Social media guru: Harold Phillips


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