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John Sayles on Martin Eden - Labor Goes To the Movies

“The part both in the book and the movie that always meant the most to me is the part where he's whacking away at that typewriter,” says Sayles. “I actually had an electric typewriter; it was the first thing I ever bought with my own money from shoveling driveways in the winter and mowing lawns and things like that. I had a whole wall papered with rejection slips.”

John Sayles - Author and Director

Chris Garlock talks with director (Matewan, 8 Men Out) and novelist (Union Dues, Yellow Earth) John Sayles, about Martin Eden, Pietro Marcello’s adaptation of Jack London’s autobiographical novel.

Sayles has a lot of insight into the film, not only as a director and writer, but from the perspective of a politically engaged artist.

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Produced by Chris Garlock. Video edited by Chris Garlock and Evan Papp.

If you like movies and are interested in the labor movement, hang out with Labor Heritage Foundation Executive Director Elise Bryant and DC Labor FilmFest Director Chris Garlock as they kick back and talk about their favorite films and chat with guests about work and workers on the silver screen.


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