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Jazz Lewis - Delegate Representing District 24 - Maryland House of Delegates

“In my legislative district, between the Northern tip of [Maryland] to the Southern tip, I represent 135,000 people…there's a 20 year life expectancy gap, 20 years. 20 minutes apart. It's insane.”

Jazz Lewis is running for re-election for District 24 Maryland House of Delegates representing parts of Prince George’s County. The Maryland primary election is on July 19, 2022. Jazz began his career as a community and labor organizer in Baltimore. Through organizing, he learned the power of collective action. Jazz Lewis represents Maryland's 24th district and currently serves on the House Appropriations Committee and is the chair of the Maryland House Democratic Caucus.

To learn more about his campaign visit www.jazzlewis.com.

About Maryland Subsidiarity

Maryland Subsidiarity discusses local and state ideas that will improve our communities and shape our world. Subsidiarity is the principle that the smaller social or political entity or institution ought to be given priority to make decisions on issues that affect them, rather than leaving those decisions to be made by the whole group. In other words, whenever possible, the individual should come before the community, the community before the state, the state before the federation, and so on. In this context, the responsibility of the bigger institution is to enable the smaller one to perform its tasks and to provide it with any necessary support.

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