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Highlights from labor radio and podcast shows around the country

Always humbled to be editing such amazing content so check out this week's production at The Labor Radio / Podcast Network!


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If you are going through a union drive and you find that your boss is using some of these tactics, record everything. Put your phone in your pocket, record what they're saying to you, record your conversations with management because that's pretty much the only reason that we have this story is because we documented everything. This audio is from the Working People podcast, which took an inside look at unionbusting in North Carolina, and then became a target themselves. After the podcast featured recordings of the captive-audience meetings held by management at No Evil Foods, a vegan meat producer in North Carolina, the company threatened to sue and got the podcast host to pull down the show.

It's hard to change your views on anything that, like, shocks your core belief, man. Yeah. And I mean, that is hard and I've definitely been there myself. Yeah. Part of it, part of it is admitting that you were wrong. Or that you were just taught wrong. On The Breaktime Breakdown podcast, host Jeremy Waugh and SMART Local 110 member Matt Gross get up close and personal in the current national debate over social justice, protests and overcoming their own inherent racism.

Women, especially black women, have been a part of organizing together for many, many years, even though there were times post the civil rights movement, women, especially black women, were excluded from labor organizations generally.

In 2020, Black women still only make 62 cents on the dollar compared to white, non-Hispanic men. In The Gap is a 12-episode podcast series presented by In These Times in recognition of these ongoing disparities. It’s a gripping podcast – a new addition to the Labor Radio Podcast Network -- “about how and why Black women aren’t getting their green.”

When I first announced that I was going to run for business manager, I was told by some of the members, ‘You know, we respect you for wanting to run for this, but, respectfully, we need a man in there.’

The women at work theme continues in this centennial year of women’s suffrage on the latest edition of Talking SMART, with a conversation with female leaders and activists in the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation union who have taken the lead in creating new opportunities for women in the building trades. I can't separate being Black from being a woman; I have to do both of these things at the same time. And so now that's part of the work that we have to do is recognize that racism still exists. In the best of hearts, the progressive left, White people have to, like, look at themselves and examine how we played into the system and contributed or sustain racism and sexism within our union. That’s Coalition of Labor Union Women president Elise Bryant, on the Solidarity Works podcast, on Women, Work, and Wielding Power in 2020.

I guess this could be a lot like 1934; what was happening with the Great Depression and everything that was going on, and struggle was built out of hard times. Willie Adams, president of the International Longshore Workers Union, takes the long view on the current crisis, on The Docker Podcast, another new member of the Labor Radio Podcast Network. And on Labor History in 2:  Did you know that one of the main organizers for the march was a man by the name of Bayard Rustin?  Rick Smith on "The Man You’ve Never Heard Of, But Probably Should Have." Edited by Evan Papp of the Empathy Media Lab, a production house, artist's studio and an event space in Washington DC with a focus on labor, political economy, and art & culture. Produced by Chris Garlock; chris@laborradionetwork.org Social media guru: Harold Phillips


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