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Bang My Head Against The Wall - Daniel K - PsyOp - EXCERPT

This excerpt is from an interview with Daniel K of PsyOp.

Download the album: https://psyopdc.bandcamp.com

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Watch the full interview: https://www.empathymedialab.com/post/daniel-k-of-psyop-debut-album-howl-from-the-void-eml-s-artist-profiles

Lyrics - Bang My Head Against the Wall

Got the vision but can't shake the coil

Film the revolt but air the rerun

Cauterize the burn but leave the tumor

Growing and growing and growing

Bang my head against the wall

It's all I can do

Bang my head against the wall

It's all I can do

It's all I can do

The rush of blood is like a shot in the arm

A catalyst for excision of pain

After a while it all goes numb and you're

Bleeding and bleeding and bleeding


Piece together the shattered mirror

The shards of glass won't fit together

So realize with a sinking feeling

You'll never see your reflection


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