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Author Eric Lotke discusses his book Union Made Published by Hard Ball Press - Buy Your Copy Today

“I love the hero's journey that Nathan Hawley goes through as he moves from being lonely with his positive growth curves as an accountant and how the dialectic with Catherine Campbell, the union organizer, creates a beautiful interplay as Nathan grows in class consciousness.”

Evan Papp

Empathy Media lab

Union Made captures the blood, sweat, tears, courage, love, and solidarity that animates a union organizing drive. This book provides a window into the challenges faced by workers who are fighting for dignity and a more humane workplace.

Buy this book to better understand why every working person has a right to form a union without harassment from the boss.

Union Made was written by Eric Lotke who is an author, lawyer, and criminal justice and union activist.


Release date March 15, 2021.


Overview of Union Made

Catherine Campbell is a union organizer. Nate is an accountant working for a company that's planning a hostile takeover of Pac-Shoppe, the company Catherine is organizing.

It's a love story.

Union Made is a fast-paced romance with a strong female lead and a gripping labor campaign that explores union organizing from the inside. It reveals the tactics, strains and risks of mobilizing a diverse group of workers to stand together against a giant corporation.

As Catherine’s campaign falters in the face of Pac-Shoppe’s illegal hardball tactics, Nate’s sympathy for the workers and fascination with Catherine grow. Can the lonely accountant interest her by sharing evidence of Pac-Shoppe’s dirty tricks? How much trouble will he be in if he reveals corporate secrets to the union?


Release date March 15, 2021.


Union Made is published by Hard Ball Press

Tim Sheard is the Executive Editor of Hard Ball Press.

Veteran nurse Timothy Sheard is a writer, publisher, mentor to writers and union organizer with the National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981. After writing 7 mystery novels featuring hospital custodian-shop steward Lenny Moss, he launched Hard Ball Press to help working class people write and publish their stories. Timothy believes that when workers write and tell their stories, they build rank and file solidarity and union power, as well strengthening the fight for social justice solidarity. Their stories help to combat the anti-labor and anti-working class assaults by the One Percent. Hard Ball Press is the premier publisher of working class life.


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