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On this week’s show…

"We are tired of hearing about all the jobs that are being re-shored. When we know our members are out of work, when we know their jobs are still going to China, when we know their jobs are still going to Mexico and what we really need are real solutions that are going to put U.S. workers back to work and put our economy back together." Owen Herrnstadt, Chief of Staff at the Machinists union, takes a look at Joe Biden's new manufacturing proposal on the latest Activate LIVE podcast…

"Our specialty is fire. We don't go out and look for pulling people over for DUI’s. We don't look for domestic violence, but when we do show up on scene, it's, it's incredible because we have the knowledge of being a fireman and we're able to see the fire for what it is." Arson investigator Captain Ramon Martinez, on the Firefighter Kingdom podcast…

"I've been mentioning on our recent programs how excited I am that Labor Express Radio is now a member of the Labor Radio Podcast Network, a network of now over 50, and it keeps growing labor movement orientated radio programs or podcasts from across the USA. I never knew that there were so many of us out there, and that is one of the network's goals; to make all of us more visible to all of you out there. So to celebrate this new partnership, I thought I would provide you a small sample of what the network has to offer, a sort of coast-to-coast tour." Labor Express Radio host Jerry Mead-Lucero highlights reports from the Work Week podcast on the West Coast, the Heartland Labor Forum in Kansas City, and the Building Bridges radio show in New York City.

You're paying $120 a month to make $2,000. I said 'Go to any non-union company and get that $2,000 from him and h"ave health insurance and have a pension.'" Mark and Jeremy talk union dues on The Break Time Breakdown podcast…

"This board has overturned well over a dozen precedents. And in every single case -- every single case -- it's been in favor of an employer and against workers in their unions." Labor lawyer Joyce Goldstein, on the Trump National Labor Relations Board, on America’s Work Force Radio

Plus: Labor History in 2; Chicago Stockyards Workers Kick Off Historic 1919 Strike

Edited by Evan Papp of the Empathy Media Lab, a production house, artist's studio and an event space in Washington DC with a focus on labor, political economy, and art & culture. Produced by Chris Garlock; chris@laborradionetwork.orgSocial media guru: Harold Phillips


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